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Residential lighting

Magnetic Induction lamps: The successful technology

Long life

Low energy consumption

advantages of induction residential lighting
Our conduct in everyday life involve, unfortunately, the energy consumption inside our homes. Today the trend is to moderate the waste to benefit the community and the planet. Starting from our homes, the condo itself (stairs and elevator lights), which have high electrical operating costs over the year.

high efficiency

ITALTESLA tip on the revolutionary technology of induction lamps that help to dramatically reduce these costs being able to offer the market products to suit all the needs of both the individual home throughout the condominium.

The exceptional durability of these new lamps also allows a considerable saving of money and time, minimizing the parts and the labor cost to replace them, thus compensating for the considerable initial cost of the system.

constant lighting

The residential customers requires a careful care of aesthetics in the selection and installation methods; for this need we make use of expert advice Light engineers.

With a nominal duration of 100 thousand hours, these systems rarely require replacement effectively excluding the maintenance.


The induction lighting offers many features that make it a source of extraordinarily beautiful light, delicate, it achieved a leading position as one of the finest technology in its field.


Outdoor lamps

Today it is possible to improve efficiency on garden lighting, too, thanks to outdoor lamps electromagnetic induction. Superior design and quality materials make the Italtesla lamps an excellent product.


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