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Magnetic induction lamps: the future of lighting

Why choose the induction technology?

Higher luminous efficacy

Longer life

For high-brightness technology applications today the induction lighting has become a superior choice. The first reason may be that the induction lamp has room for long life of 100,000 hours compared to 50,000 hours of LED life. The induction lamp has the great feature of being easy relamping, qualities absent in most of the LED fixtures.
Reasons to choose the induction lighting include:


Long lifespan


Energy and cost savings


Optimum light for labor productivity


Reduced maintenance costs


Environmentally friendly




increased safety


Induction lamp 100W

LED lamp 100W

Luminous flux

8.500 lumen

6000 lumen

perceived luminous flux

16.660 lumen

8.760 perceived lumen


85 Im / watt

60 Im / watt

Rated lifetime

100.000 hours

50.000 hours

Heat resistance

It holds the output from -50 to 100°C

Drastically reduced output to more than 25 ° C

Comfortable working environment

increased safety

CO2 reduction

The duration of the induction lamps reaches up to twice the longevity of the LED and 5 times the longevity of the metal halide lamps; It does not produce noise or hum and provides less glare reducing flicker favoring a more professional working environment, attractive and comfortable. The necessary maintenance is little or nothing (just the initial setup) ensuring greater security for staff and customers. A significant reduction of CO2 emissions makes lighting induction technology on a human scale and not waste originating environment.

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