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Young and dynamic company, ITALTESLA aims to become the reference point in the supply of energy-efficient lamps.
The inclination to innovation and quality has led the company to select only magnetic induction lamps, today the most modern and efficient lighting solution for residential, industrial and for public areas.

Over 100,000 hours of life …sustainable life

The magnetic induction lamps are so defined on the basis to the physical working principle. A gas contained in a phosphor coated tube is energized to effect the single electromagnetic induction without the use of any reactor or choke. The induction lamps therefore have no electrodes or moving parts that can fail, so they are extremely reliable and offer bright superior performance compared to known systems today.
electrodeless lamps in industrial lighting advantages
The many benefits of this technology also make it superior to most modern LED systems, avoiding some of their major flaws. In particular, the induction lamps have a longer life expectancy, a ‘constant efficiency of lighting in the time that is not reduced or deteriorates with aging, and have a lower electrical consumption. The lamp works without problems even in the presence of strong variations of the supply voltages. The high efficiency of the system Induction also comes from a very low heat dispersion. Moreover, thanks to a low maintenance, virtually nothing, you get substantial savings direct, indirect, economic and management.