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Commercial lighting

High power induction lamps

Constant light output

advantages of magnetic induction in commercial lighting


The induction lamp is ideal for many interior and exterior applications in which the long term is certainly a top priority. can be used in a wide range of solutions, adding additional flexibility to the designer of the illumination system.

A further advantage is definitely a better color rendering and a high illuminating power, the primary factor in a commercial activity, where the products on display must enjoy unlimited visibility.

Green power

Bulbs waste reduction

Performance indicators of induction lamps confirm the trend to keep their luminous flux at a high level for a much more durable period of time than other types of lighting, while maintaining high luminous efficiency and constant high power.


The induction lighting guarantees an efficient source of light, is very suitable as a green energy and makes it a high conservation value product, reducing waste bulbs counter by reducing the frequency of changing bulbs.

Public safety

No fire risk

In the commercial sector, constantly crowded with people, the induction lamps eliminate the risk of fire or explosion and cancel the blinding effect of too much white light produced by the old systems.


The energy savings in commercial lighting has an absolute priority and, consequently, the placement of the light points must be optimized not neglecting of course the harmony of the environment.


Bell lamps

Mainly used in industrial applications, today this type of lamp is very popular both for installation both in shops and in trendy places, restaurants and pizzerias.


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Ceiling light square panels

Typically used in offices where they makes extensive use of false ceilings square panels, the ceilings magnetic induction are the ideal solution for replacing the classic neon lamps, achieving a significant reduction in fuel consumption as well as a net improvement in the quality of light.


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