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Industrial floodlight Giotto

electrodeless industrial floodlight - Giotto
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Product Description


v-iconDuration: 100,000 hours
v-iconLamp warranty: 10 years

v-icon-2Power Supply Warranty: 5 years
v-icon-2Industrial Floodlight

Giotto industrial projector with electromagnetic induction technology, ideal for lighting of parking lots and large areas.
Painted die-cast aluminum body with high corrosion resistant epoxy paint with phosphate treatment. Antischock tempered glass screen printed. Electronic ballast. PG11. polished aluminum optics to 99.85%. magnetic induction light source. direct emission.
Installation in the middle bracket.

Technical specifications


Lumen:10’200 Lm
Plm (S/P 1,97):20’094 PLm
Temp Color: 5000K


Lumen: 12’750 Lm
Plm (S/P 1,97): 25’117 PLm
Temp Color: 5000K

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CE European Union Certified Product
Liquid mercury free product
RoHS 2002 Certified Product
Gruener Punkt Certified Product
CEI EN 62471 2010 Certified Product

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