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Ceiling induction lamp C.BOX 65

Ceiling Induction lamp C-BOX-65
Suspended industrial ceiling electrodeless lamp C-BOX metroPhotometric Polar Diagram Electrodeless Lamp C-BOX 65Suspended industrial ceiling induction lamp C-BOX

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Product Description


v-iconDuration: 100,000 hours
v-iconLamp warranty: 10 years

v-icon-2Power Supply Warranty: 5 years
v-iconIndustrial lamp

Square induction industrial ceiling Ceiling suitable for the illumination of large structures, buildings, industries.
Body and frame made of painted steel with white epoxy powders. Diffusing optics specular aluminum.
Light source: electrodeless magnetic induction.

Specifiche tecniche


Lumen: 6’800 Lm
Plm (S/P 1,97): 13’396 Plm
Temp Color: 5000K


Lumen: 8’500 Lm
Plm (S/P 1,97): 16’745 Plm
Temp Color: 5000K


Lumen: 10’200 Lm
Plm (S/P 1,97): 20’094 Plm
Temp Color: 5000K


Lumen: 12’750 Lm
Plm (S/P 1,97): 25’117 Plm
Temp Color: 5000K


Lumen: 17’000 Lm
Plm (S/P 1,97): 33’490 Plm
Temp Color: 5000K

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CE European Union Certified Product
Liquid mercury free product
RoHS 2002 Certified Product
Gruener Punkt Certified Product
CEI EN 62471 2010 Certified Product

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